Annual Meeting

Please join us on Thursday, February 21, 2019 at the Barker’s Island Inn Resort & Conference Center in Superior for Superior Choice Credit Union’s 86th Annual Meeting. The meeting will begin promptly at 7 p.m. SCCU President/CEO Gary Elliott and the SCCU Board of Directors will deliver an update on 2018 credit union performance, there will be an installation for three Directors to the Board of Directors, and there are prize drawings and refreshments for SCCU members.

Board of Directors Election

Superior Choice Credit Union bylaws provide that an election will not be conducted by ballot when there is only one nominee for each Board of Directors position to be filled. Below are the three nominees selected by the nominating committee for the three positions to be filled:

  • Paul Gilbertson
  • Greg Running
  • Pamela Tafelski 

You are hereby advised of your right under Article V, Section 4 of the credit union’s bylaws to submit to the Chairperson on or before January 2, 2019, a petition requesting your nomination as a nominee to the credit union’s board of directors. Your petition must be signed by at least one hundred (100) members eligible to vote at meetings of the members of the credit union. If no member submits a petition, the Chairperson shall take a voice vote or declare each nominee elected by acclamation at the annual meeting and there shall be no election by ballot.

Annual Report

Click here to view the most current annual report.