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Starting Monday, December 10, 2018, will redirect to — a special web page set up for the former customers of Dairyland State Bank.

Superior Choice Credit Union acquired Dairyland State Bank on August 31, 2018 but until the two financial institutions can combine technology systems, former Dairyland State Bank customers should use this special web page to log in to their online banking account and order checks online. The special web page at is for Dairyland State Bank customers who joined the institution prior to August 31, 2018. Accounts that were opened after August 31, 2018 and enrolled in online banking can use the standard Superior Choice Credit Union online banking login found at

Former Dairyland State Bank customers who have saved their online banking username and password in their web broswer for the online banking login found at will have to re-enter their username and password into the login box found at Members who have forgotten their online banking username or password should call 715-868-2175 for assistance.

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