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Important year-end tax information for members who receive eStatements

This message is to alert members who are enrolled to receive eStatements that the tax information that is being provided to the IRS will be reported on their December 2018 electronic account statement (eStatement). No paper copy of the 1099-INT tax form will be mailed.

For members who have signed up for eStatements, tax information can be viewed after January 1, 2019, by accessing the December 2018 statement in online banking as usual.

Please contact us if you wish to discuss deactivating eStatements prior to December 31, 2018. Please note: online banking users who are not enrolled in eStatements will receive a paper statement fee. Click here to view SCCU's fee schedule. Some products, such as AMP Checking, require enrollment in eStatements in order to receive a qualifying rate. Please consider these factors before deactivating eStatements.

Thank you for choosing eStatements!

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