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New credit cards information

Superior Choice Credit Union is making some exciting upgrades to our credit card program. We are changing credit card processors in order to offer our members better credit card offerings, special offers, better rewards point systems, digital wallet services, and more. While the new processor offers all of these great enhancements for the credit union and members, unfortunately it means we have to issue new credit cards because our current credit cards will not work on the new processor’s technology system.

This October, some SCCU members will receive a new credit card with a new account number. Members who are receiving new credit cards received an initial change-in-terms letter dated July 30, 2019. Around October 18, 2019 members who are receving a new credit card and account number will receive their new cardholder agreement. Finally, during the week of October 21 members will receive their new credit card to be activated prior to October 31, 2019.

Updates to our credit card program are under way and we’re excited about our new card offerings. This will mean a few changes to your Account, and we want to make sure you know exactly what to expect. 

What to know:

  • New Card. You will get a new card with a new Account number and updated expiration date. Your current card will be closed on October 31, 2019, so you will need to activate the new card right away and please destroy the current one(s).
  • Balances Transfer Automatically. All current balances will transfer to your new Account automatically in November. The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for any current balances will remain at your current terms and conditions.
  • Terms. Some terms of your Account will change. See the “Important Changes to Your Account Terms” included in the July 30, 2019 letter you received or call cardmember services at 800-558-3424 for more information.
  • Payment Address Change. The address where you send monthly payments will change as of October 31, 2019, and you will need to send any payments after this date to the following address:

Cardmember Service
P.O. Box 790408
St. Louis, MO 63179-0408

Your next steps:

  • Automatic Payments to Your Current Account. If your credit card account is currently enrolled in an auto pay program, any transactions scheduled to occur after October 31, 2019 will be cancelled and cannot automatically be applied to your new account. You will be receiving a letter with information on how to enroll in automatic payments for your new Account.
  • Update Your Bill Payments and Mobile Wallet. Remember to update any billers with your new credit card information, including your new Account number and expiration date. Upload your new credit card to your device.
  • Update Your Personal Identification Number (PIN). Once you receive your new card, you will need to contact Cardmember Service at the number on the back of your new card if you would like a PIN.

We’re proud of our new card offerings and excited to make them available to you. As always, we remain committed to great service. Should you have any questions, please contact us at 1-800-569-4167. If you are unsure whether or not you are supposed to be receiving a new credit card, please contact us.


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