The Cards

Linked to your checking account, your Visa debit card works for purchases at any merchant that accepts Visa. You can choose to withdraw cash from your checking account or membership savings account when at an ATM machine. SCCU Debit cards also allow cash back at sales registers from participating merchants.

Selecting “Debit” on a merchant terminal and entering your PIN will complete the transaction and allow you to get cash back at participating merchants. Selecting “Credit” on a merchant terminal will require a signature.

Are you just looking for an Instant Cash card to withdraw money out at ATMs? We offer those as well!

Debit and Instant Cash Card Application

The ATM Locations

CO-OP ATM LogoThrough our participating with the Co-op Network you can use your ATM/Debit card surcharge free at over 30,000 ATMs in the US and Canada. Just look for the "CO-OP ATM" logo.

Search for free ATMs in your area

The Protection

Register your card with Verified by Visa for more secure online shopping! Create a user name and password for additional security with participating online merchants. Click the "Verified by Visa" logo to get started.
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