Are you an employee who has a high deductible health plan? Or, are you an employer who is looking to switch from a traditional plan to a high deductible plan? SCCU offers Health Savings Accounts to help you, or your employees, save for current and future qualified medical expenses.

Much like an IRA, a Health Savings Account has contribution limits.

Once you are enrolled in Medicare, you are no longer eligible to contribute to an HSA. HSAs also allow you the flexibility to contribute when you'd like and in some instances, your contributions may be tax-deductible.* Account balances also carry over from year to year, so the balance can grow throughout your lifetime.

SCCU's Health Savings Account offer competitive rates, a low one-time setup fee of $25, and no annual fees. We also offer you a Health Savings Account debit card, so you can make unlimited signature transactions to easily pay for your health expenses.

*Consult your tax professional.