This is a special web page set up for SCCU members who were formerly Dairyland State Bank customers. The online banking and check reordering links on this page are for former Dairyland customers only.

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Online banking is not available Dec. 6-9 during our technology upgrades.

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Welcome, former Dairyland State Bank customers!

Update: We are excited to annouce that in early December 2019 we will be combining our technology systems for one cohesive, streamlined experience for all Superior Choice Credit Union members. Please be sure to visit to learn more. Stay tuned to your email and mail for detailed information pertaining to your accounts and services.

As of August 31, 2018, Dairyland State Bank is now Superior Choice Credit Union! It was originally announced in February 2018 that Superior Choice Credit Union and Dairyland State Bank finalized an acquisition agreement between their two financial institutions, pending regulatory approval. Click here to read the full annoucement from February 2018.

This will be the dedicated web page where Dairyland State Bank customers and Superior Choice Credit Union members can learn more information as acquisition planning unfolds. In the future, Superior Choice Credit Union will update this page with frequently asked questions, conversion timelines, and more. Please check back for updates.

A Letter from Superior Choice Credit Union and Dairyland State Bank

Dear Dairyland State Bank Customer,

Advantages are growing for you! We are excited to announce that Dairyland State Bank is joining with Superior Choice Credit Union. We’d like to take this opportunity to welcome you as a new member of Superior Choice Credit Union, positioned as one of the top credit unions for return to member, a measure of exceptional value.

We are committed to providing quick and easy access to solutions that will maximize the financial value provided to you. Superior Choice Credit Union is equally dedicated to advancing lives in our communities and plays an integral part in the northwestern Wisconsin community.

While this letter serves to officially notify you about the transaction as well as a change in deposit insurance coverage, we are including a special insert that will help you navigate all immediate questions you might have about this transition. You are also encouraged to contact us with any additional questions by phone or email.

Merger Date

The transaction is scheduled to be completed on or before July 31, 2018, pending regulatory approval. At closing, when Superior Choice Credit Union acquires Dairyland State Bank, all customers of the bank will automatically become members of Superior Choice Credit Union. For Dairyland State Bank customers who do not have at least $5 in a deposit account with the bank, Superior Choice Credit Union will fund a $5 share account as required for membership. There will be no additional changes in your account structure or servicing until systems integration which is scheduled for a future date. You will be provided a minimum of thirty (30) days prior notice to any scheduled account changes. The transaction is subject to the regulatory approval of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation ("FDIC") and National Credit Union Administration ("NCUA").

Deposit Insurance (FDIC and NCUA)

After closing of this transaction, your deposits will be insured by the NCUA and not by the FDIC. All of your current deposits will continue to be federally insured up to $250,000 for each account category through the NCUA who administers the NCUSIF. We have included a chart comparing FDIC and NCUA insurance coverage with this letter.

Dairyland State Bank is required by 12 CFR 307.3 to inform you that the insured status of Dairyland State Bank, under the provisions of the Federal Deposit Insurance Act, will terminate after its sale to Superior Choice Credit Union is consummated. Insured deposits in Dairyland State Bank will continue to be insured by the FDIC, to the extent provided by law, until Dairyland State Bank’s insured status is terminated. Dairyland State Bank will not accept, and the FDIC will not insure, any new deposits or additions to existing deposits made by you after the termination date. Please contact Robert Hegeholz, President, at Dairyland State Bank’s main office located at 719 N. Main Street, Bruce, WI 54819, or call (888) 868-8296, if additional information is needed regarding this portion of this notice or the insured status of your account(s) prior to the transaction. No interruption in the insurance coverage of your deposits will occur.

No Interruption in Service

All Dairyland State Bank locations will remain open to continue serving you during normal business hours. In addition, all bank ATMs will remain available, and you will continue to have access to property in your safe deposit box. Employees you know from the bank will continue to serve you as employees of Superior Choice Credit Union. Please see our special insert to answer any additional questions you might have about your account access.

Watch for additional information from us as we look to provide you a seamless transition to becoming a member of Superior Choice Credit Union. We look forward to continuing to serve you.


Gary L. Elliott
Superior Choice Credit Union
President and CEO

Robert Hegeholz
Dairyland State Bank

Frequently Asked Questions for Dairyland State Bank Customers

We are very excited to announce that membership with Superior Choice Credit Union provides you with great value. Our combined team will offer you a greater variety of financial solutions, innovative access to your accounts, and competitive savings and loan rates – for all commercial, agricultural, mortgage and consumer relationships. We will be able to ultimately serve you in more ways, and in ways that also enhance our commitment to our local communities.

We understand that you may have some additional questions, so we’re providing answers to some of these questions. Please review these helpful Q&As and let us know if you have others we can help answer.

About the Acquisition

Why is Dairyland State Bank joining with Superior Choice Credit Union?
This merger provides us greater ability to operate with efficiency to be able to give back to our clients in the form of better technology, innovative services and with great deposit and loan rates.

How big is Superior Choice Credit Union and where are they located?
Superior Choice Credit Union is headquartered in Superior, Wisconsin. They hold a primarily community-based membership with more than 27,000 members. Their assets are over $400 Million and they operate six (6) branches throughout northwestern Wisconsin and northeastern Minnesota. Persons residing in or employed in Ashland, Bayfield, Burnett, Douglas, and Iron Counties, Wisconsin; the southern portion of St. Louis County bounded by county lines on the west, south, and east and bounded by Minnesota County Route 16 on the north and all of Carlton County (Minnesota); current and future membership of Douglas County Historical Society located in Superior, WI; current and future membership of the American Consumer Council; and family members of existing Superior Choice Credit Union members are eligible to join Superior Choice Credit Union.

About the People

Will there be changes to your staff?
This acquisition will not result in the closing of any Dairyland State Bank branches or changes to the service team that you know. Further, it provides us with the potential to add new positions as our financial services and locations continue to grow.

Who will be the President/CEO of the combined entities?
Gary Elliott is the President and CEO of Superior Choice Credit Union and is expected to be the President and CEO of the combined entities.

About the Future

Where will the headquarters be of the credit union?
The headquarters of our credit union will remain in Superior, Wisconsin (Superior Choice Credit Union’s current headquarters). We will maintain a strong local and community focus in each area where we have branch locations.

When will I see signage begin to change at branch locations?
Branch signage will change following official regulatory approval of the transaction, anticipated in the third or fourth quarter of 2018.

Are you planning to close any branch locations?
We do not have any plans to close branches. We continually monitor the performance of each branch location and the needs of our membership. Our branches will grow to eleven (11), with nine (9) in Wisconsin and two (2) branches in Minnesota. Superior Choice Credit Union currently has six branch locations at the following addresses:

• Tower Avenue — 2817 Tower Avenue, Superior, WI 54880
• Shoreline — 2302 E. 2nd Street, Superior, WI 54880
• Duluth Denfeld — 4125 Grand Avenue, Duluth, MN 55807
• Hermantown — 4161 Haines Road, Hermantown, MN 55811
• Ashland — 319 Ellis Avenue, Ashland, WI 54806
• Mellen — 117 S. Main Street, Mellen, WI 54546

About My Accounts

What’s the benefit to me related to this acquisition?
You will experience greater value in the form of competitive savings and loan rates and easy access tools to financial services. Superior Choice Credit Union is equipped to provide greater member return, and enhanced delivery channels such as online services. Superior Choice Credit Union is also able to provide additional career opportunities to employees. Superior Choice Credit Union’s strength provides the size, resources, and commitment necessary to competitively meet the financial needs of our customer clients and commercial clients, both now and in the foreseeable future. Superior Choice Credit Union will offer comparable products offered by Dairyland State Bank, as well as new types of consumer loans, mortgages and deposit products. After our core operating systems are combined (anticipated in 2019), Dairyland State Bank customers will receive new account numbers for their loans and deposits. You will be notified well in advance of these changes to allow for a smooth transition and our employees will be available to assist you through this process.

Will my account number change?
It’s anticipated to be in 2019 that we will combine our core operating systems, which may require a change to account number structures. We will work to minimize any changes made to accounts, including your account number. We understand that this type of change may cause disruption, so our commitment will be to make any transition needed in the future such that you experience no hiccups in accessing your account information.

How will this affect my rates and service charges/fees?
When our integration is complete, we will review all services provided to members, including service charges, to make sure that we provide consistent, low-cost access to the most innovative financial services you’re requesting. Visit to view Superior Choice Credit Union’s current fee schedule. Current rates are listed at Click the individual rates pages under the “Rates” tab to view current rates.

Why do I need to have $5 in an account?
The minimum requirement to be a member of the credit union is that you must have at least five dollars on deposit. For current deposit customers, any of your existing accounts will fulfill this requirement. For current deposit customers who have less than $5.00 on deposit, Superior Choice Credit Union will deposit the additional funds necessary to meet the $5.00 requirement. For current loan customers that only have loans and do not have any deposit accounts, an account will be opened and funded with $5.00 to meet this minimum requirement.

Will my deposits continue to be federally insured?
Yes, Superior Choice Credit Union is insured by the NCUA (National Credit Union Administration) through the NCUSIF (National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund). Your deposits will continue to be federally insured to the maximum amount available – currently to at least $250,000 per depositor, and backed by the full faith and credit of the United States Government. Please see a helpful comparison guide at the end of the document for reviewing differences between NCUA and FDIC insurance.

Will I be able to access my account at new branches?
Immediately following the acquisition, you will have access to all branch locations and ATMs as you do currently. After our core systems have been combined (planned for 2019) you will be able to enjoy access at all Superior Choice Credit Union branch locations. In addition, you will be able to access your account from our CO-OP network of more than 5,000 branches and more than 30,000 surcharge-free ATMs nationwide.

Will I still be able to use my current checks?
Yes, you will continue to be able to use your current checks following our acquisition. At the time we combine operating systems, if new checks are necessary, a complimentary box will be provided to you.

Will I still be able to use my credit card?
Yes, you will continue to be able to use your current credit card following our transaction. At some point, we will introduce a new card to you, and we will make sure you’re made aware of all the many benefits of choosing the right card option.

Will I still be able to use my debit card?
Yes, you will continue to be able to use your current debit card following our transaction. At the time when we combine core operating systems, we will provide you with a new card.

Will my online banking change?
Until our core operating systems combine (planned for 2019), you will continue to access your online banking as you do now. After our core operating systems combine we will be introducing more robust features to online and mobile banking to make it faster and more intuitive to how you access your funds. You will be notified well in advance of any changes, new apps, and whether these changes include any new requirements in accessing your information.

When your name changes, will my direct deposit still work?
Yes, your direct deposit will continue to work without interruption. When we combine operating systems, and our routing number changes, we will work with you to ensure there are no interruptions to your electronic direct deposit or automated regular withdrawals.

How will I get to the credit union’s website?
Leading up to the partnership, continue to visit Dairyland State Bank online at Following our transaction and name change, you will still be able to access us from that website address for a period of time. At some point, information and links to online banking will become accessible from For updates on our plans and systems integration schedule, you may also visit

Will employee emails change?
Following introduction of our new credit union name, employees will be provided with new email addresses that reference our new name. For a time following this introduction, you may continue to email our staff at the current email address that you have on record.

Will employee phone numbers change?
We will notify you with anticipated changes in our contact information well in advance of any changes.

Will there be changes to your hours?
We continually review our hours of operations in all the regions where we operate to best serve our growing membership; however, there are no immediate plans to change hours of operation.

Will there be any changes to my account notices and statements?
At the point when we combine our operating systems (planned for 2019), your monthly and quarterly statements and notices may have an updated look.

How will I receive additional information about this merger?
Superior Choice Credit Union will keep its website updated regularly at about the progression of the transaction and systems integration plans. You will also receive periodic mailings and have access to updates available at all branch locations. You may also receive periodic emails with updates and important notices, so please take this opportunity to update your email address on file.

Who do I contact if I have additional questions?
We want to hear from you to help answer any additional questions you might have about our announcement and partnership plan. Please call Dairyland State Bank at (888) 868-8296 or Superior Choice Credit Union at (800) 569-4167. You may also email us at [email protected]

NCUA and FDIC Insurance Compared

Single Account - one owner

  • NCUA: $250,000 per owner
  • FDIC: $250,000 per owner

Joint Account - more than one owner

  • NCUA: $250,000 per co-owner
  • FDIC: $250,000 per co-owner

Retirement Accounts - includes IRAs

  • NCUA: $250,000 aggregate for Roth, Traditional and Keogh; All IRA coverage is separate and in addition to coverage for other credit union accounts.
  • FDIC: $250,000 per owner

Revocable Trust Accounts

  • NCUA: $250,000 per owner per beneficiary up to five beneficiaries (Coverdell Education Savings Accounts insured in this category.)
  • FDIC: $250,000 per owner per beneficiary up to five beneficiaries

Corporation, Partnership, and Unincorporated Association Accounts

  • NCUA: $250,000 per corporation, partnership, or unincorporated association
  • FDIC: $250,000 per corporation, partnership, or unincorporated association

Government Accounts

  • NCUA: $250,000 per official custodian
  • FDIC: $250,000 per official custodian

See NCUA’s website at and FDIC’s website at where more detailed information about share and deposit insurance follows.