SCCU offers Visa Gift cards for when you need the perfect gift! We offer both regular one-time use gift cards and reloadable gift cards.

One-time Use Gift Cards:

  • Can load value of $10.00-$1,000.00
  • Cannot be reloaded, used outside the United States, or used to get cashback
  • $3.50 fee per card
  • Can be registered to anyone (purchaser or recipient)

Reloadable Gift Cards:

  • Can load value of $20.00-$3,000.00
  • Can be reloaded through direct deposit, at any SCCU location, at any participating Western Union location, or online
  • $6.50 fee per card, $4.50 reload fee if reloaded at SCCU (if reloaded online with the card vendor the fee is $10.00)
  • Must be registered to the purchaser only (we will need the following information to register: Name, Date of Birth, Physical Address, Social Security Number, Driver's License Information)