Meet SCCU's team of Mortgage Originators! With originators working across the Northland — from Hermantown in northeastern Minnesota to Ashland in northwestern Wisconsin — we're ready to help you with your home lending needs at a branch of SCCU that is most convenient to you!

Julie Lupa for web

Julie Lupa, NMLS 454598
Mortgage Lending VP - Tower Branch
Office: (715) 398-8933


Margee Senn, NMLS 816399
Mortgage Originator - Tower Avenue Branch
Office: (715) 398-8921

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Katie Bedard for web 

Katie Bedard, NMLS 1722244
Mortgage Originator - Shoreline Branch
Office: (715) 398-8934

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Heather Harrison, NMLS 2024940
Mortgage Originator - Ashland Branch

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Renee Burton, NMLS 482996
Mortgage Originator - Gilman Branch
Office: (715) 447-8225

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Erik Lull, NMLS 2133817
Mortgage Originator - Hermantown Branch
Office: (218) 727-1522

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