Teen Checking

  • Help your teen learn to manage a checking account! This is designed for members ages 13-17 with a parent or guardian on the accountSSClubLogo
  • Two fee reversals allowed while teen learns to manage a checking account
  • Rolls into a Simple Checking account upon 18th birthday
  • No minimum balance
  • No monthly account fees
  • Cash back at merchants
  • No fee at SCCU ATMs
  • Free online banking

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Next Gen Share Certificate

The Next Gen Youth Share Certificate is a one-year share certificate. The certificate must be held under an account in which the primary account holder is under the age of 18. The minimum balance requirement to open the account is $25. After the account is opened, the member may make additional deposits into the account until the maturity date stated on the certificate or the maximum balance of $2,500.00 is met. Early withdrawal penalties apply. Please see full disclosure for details.

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SCCU's School Credit Unions and Financial Education

Financial literacy is at an all time low. The National Council on Economic Education tested about 1,000 adults and high-school students on their knowledge of basic economic principles.  What they evaluated was astounding. Adults averaged 57% correct answers, while high-school students scored an average 48%. The poor scores by adults are especially disconcerting because young people lean heavily on their parents and other adults for financial guidance. (Credit Union Magazine August 2000)

The evidence clearly states how vital it is to educate our young people early and often. Superior Choice Credit Union is facing this challenge by implementing an on-site school credit union in an effort to provide an authentic learning experience for students and to assist them in developing practical skills beyond the classroom. It also stresses the importance of saving money, the responsibility of a job, and the concept of teamwork. SCCU is currently working in a partnership with area schools by operating an office of the credit union for one hour, one day a week.  

If you have any questions regarding the School Credit Union Program, feel free to contact Danielle Klein (Superior) at (715) 398-8935 or Jill Krause (Mellen) at (715) 274-2781.