Want to get your account balance and e-notices when you're on the go? Mobile text banking is easy to set up, easy to use, and available whenever you need it!

How Do I Set Up Mobile Text Banking?

Sign into online banking and click the "Go Mobile" button at the top of the toolbar. Then, select Text Banking to enroll your phone and set up your notification options. All detailed options for banking and sending mobile e-notices are contained in the set up screens.

How Much Does Text Banking Cost?

SCCU will provide 50 free texts to and from the system per month. After you go through your 50 free texts, a charge of 15 cents per text will be assessed at the end of each month. As ever, your cell phone carrier may charge you standard text messaging fees. Please check with your cell phone carrier if you are unsure about what fees apply when you send or receive texts. To read the full Mobile Text Banking Disclosure, click here

Can I Do Transfers with Text Banking?

For security reasons, we do not allow transfers through text banking at this time. If you need to transfer money, please do so using your online banking account.

How Do I Use Text Banking?

Text 46247 with the following commands to get your information:

BAL-will give you the balance on up to 3 savings accounts (the first three listed on your account)

BAL 080-will give you your actual and available checking account balance

BAL 000-will give you your actual and available membership savings account balance

BAL Suffix-by typing BAL with any of your 3 digit loan or savings suffixes, it will text you the balance on the requested suffix. You can easily see the 3 digit suffixes on all your sub-accounts when in your online banking.

STOP-will un-enroll you from receiving text banking balances and e-notices.